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Dry Cleaner Waste Management Solutions

Efficient and Sustainable Waste Management for Dry Cleaners

If you operate a dry cleaner in South Florida, partner with a local, family-owned company for your waste removal service. At Chem Klean, we've been serving the local community since 1999 with reliable and cost-effective solutions for waste management. From removal to disposal, our experts ensure the efficient and compliant handling of your waste, such as perchloroethylene, dry cleaning filters and other nonhazardous waste liquids.

We serve dry cleaning operations of any size with tailored solutions and rapid service within 24-48 hours of a request. We're located right here in the local area, and we'll help you improve your safety, overcome challenges and ensure compliance with all local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Compliance and Safety in Dry Cleaner Waste Disposal

When you work with a local provider, you gain the benefit of personalized services built around your business. We'll help you find the best methods for storing and collecting hazardous materials in your facility, and we'll schedule removal services at your convenience. With Chem Klean, we're always a phone call away, whether you need a single clean-out or would like to schedule ongoing care.

Our skilled transportation team collects, packs and prepares all your hazardous and non-hazardous waste for safe loading and transfer in the appropriate containers. We plan every route with care to reduce risk to your materials and the environment, and we use all necessary DOT-approved signage.


Advanced Waste Disposal Services for Dry Cleaners

With Chem Klean as your partner for environmental services, you'll gain access to innovative solutions for handling hazardous chemicals and materials of any type. We're always working to develop new ways to help our customers become greener, more efficient and more profitable using new technologies and our years of industry experience. Our advanced waste disposal services for dry cleaning businesses include:

  • Waste-to-energy disposal: We'll deliver your recovered waste materials for processing into fuel to produce local energy. 
  • Nonhazardous liquid outlets: We have secured waste treatment facilities that specialize in processing more eco-friendly liquids as we move into the future. 

Environmental, Compliance and Safety Consulting for Dry Cleaners

We've taken our years of experience and used them to create affordable consulting services designed to help you stay compliant and improve the safety of your facility. Tap into our extensive industry knowledge with consulting services, including:

  • Site audits: Our audit team makes sure you're prepared for any inspection and compliant with the latest regulatory developments. We'll make sure all your documents are in order and make any necessary corrections. 
  • Site assessments: A site assessment is a review of your material safety, handling, production and collection systems. Our team will look for areas of improvement and help you integrate enhanced procedures into your regular operations. 

Committed to Providing Reliable and Professional Waste Removal

Get a Quote for Chemical Waste Removal for Dry Cleaners

At Chem Klean, we have over 20 years of firsthand experience working with dry cleaning companies across the area. From the right storage solutions for hazardous materials to the eco-friendly disposal of all your chemical waste, trust our team for courteous, competent and reliable service every time.

If you operate a dry cleaning operation of any size anywhere in Miami-Dade County, Broward County or Palm Beach, give us a call to save on disposal costs and keep your business compliant. Request a personalized quote today. There's no obligation to act and quotes are always free. To learn more about working with a waste removal service in your area, call 305-863-7807 today!