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EHS and Waste Compliance Consulting Services

Chem Klean is your local partner in waste management, serving a diverse range of customers throughout South Florida. Since 1999, we’ve helped businesses throughout the region save on hazardous material disposal, utilizing tailored collection and disposal services to increase safety, reduce costs and lessen their impact on the environment.

Our expert waste consultants know all the local, state and federal regulations, and they understand how each applies to your unique situation. We’ll help you develop systems to ensure your business remains compliant and assist you in implementing them. Regardless of the types of materials common to your business, our team has the right experience to create innovative and cost-saving solutions for collecting, separating and disposing of all your hazardous materials.

Expert Environmental, Health, and Safety Consulting Services

Chem Klean's waste consultants specialize in helping businesses remain compliant, improve workplace safety and become more eco-friendly through strategic management of hazardous waste processes. Our consultations can empower your workforce with a range of available services including hazardous materials training for employees, detailed inventory management and assistance with SDS review and analysis.

During a hazardous waste compliance consultation, our environmental experts will identify the best collection and removal solutions for your business, and help you implement them into your operation. We’ll develop schedules and processes for handling your hazardous materials safely, minimizing the impact on your operations to reduce downtime.

Comprehensive Waste Compliance Solutions for Your Business

Professional audits and site assessments take in-depth looks at your organization and evaluate compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Our experts have years of experience assisting businesses of any size with gaining better control over their waste management process, with the goal of creating a safe work environment and avoiding any regulatory violations.

  • Site Audits: During an environmental compliance audit, our company experts ensure your organization has all the necessary documentation, including accurate records of all hazardous, non-hazardous and contaminated industrial waste removal shipments. Our audits are proactive measures, making sure your facility is always current with the latest regulatory standards.
  • Site Assessments: A hazardous waste site assessment is an excellent tool to proactively address potential concerns during an inspection from OSHA, the EPA or another regulatory agency. Our certified environmental professionals will evaluate your organization, uncover any potential environmental safety issues and work to develop solutions for bringing your business into compliance.


Environmental Friendly Air Over the Mountains

Environmental Remediation Services

If your business generates hazardous waste, there’s a risk of those materials finding their way into the surrounding environment. Contaminating the air, soil or water near your business is damaging to the environment, and punishable by steep penalties and fines. If you have a contamination, call the experts for professional containment, removal and remediation to meet all applicable regulations and remain a good steward of your company’s surroundings.

We provide tailored and cost-effective remediation services for materials contaminated by:

Committed to Providing Reliable Hazardous Waste Consulting Services to Florida

Professional Hazardous Waste Consulting Services in Florida

Chem Klean is your partner for managing your hazardous waste with over 20 years of experience serving businesses in South Florida with reliable environmental services. We know how challenging it can be to track the latest changes in regulations and policy, and that’s why we take care of it for you. As your local provider, you can count on fast service from the professionals you trust, and all with no contracts to sign.

Request a free quote or call 305-863-7807 to schedule a consultation, audit or another environmental service with certified professionals at your facility!