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Hazardous Waste Supplies and Equipment for Efficient Waste Management

If you use or store hazardous materials in your facility, Chem Klean is your local source for a wide range of products to keep people and property protected and your organization compliant. Since 1999, we've supplied businesses across the South Florida region with quality supplies for safely handling and managing industrial waste.

Extensive Range of Hazardous Waste Disposal Supplies

Whether you're looking to buy personal protective equipment, safety signage or materials for shipping hazardous waste, we serve businesses of any type and size with affordable equipment to help you become and remain compliant. We'll help you meet all the standards set by SPCC, DOT, EPA, OSHA, ANSI and other regulatory requirements. Our customers often include:

Eyewash Stations

Our emergency eyewash stations are an invaluable resource for any facility handling hazardous materials. Chemical accidents are always possible — even with all the best safety measures and procedures in place. If an employee makes accidental contact with harmful or corrosive liquids or substances, an eyewash station provides a steady stream of pressurized water, rinsing the face and eyes for anywhere from five minutes to one hour depending on contact severity.

An emergency eyewash station is an OSHA requirement in any business where employees may come into contact with corrosive materials. As such, these safety devices are necessary for any organization working with:

  • Hazardous chemicals
  • High volumes of dust
  • Oil, fuel and petroleum
  • Batteries and charging stations

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the first line of defense for protecting staff and visitors from the hazards posed by flammables, corrosives and industrial waste. We carry an extensive selection of personal industrial safety equipment to ensure your facility is fully compliant and safe for everyone on the premises.

Keep employees and visitors protected from head to toe with modern PPE designed to withstand the hazardous materials common to your facility. We carry all the necessary equipment for meeting all EPA standards of protection, from the minimum level (D) up to the maximum (A), including advanced protection for the skin, eyes and respiratory tract.

Absorbent Rolls and Pads

If you have hazardous materials stored or in use anywhere on your property, spills are a predictable part of life. Whether it's from employees moving too fast, outdated equipment or a hole in a container, leaks happen. With our high-quality absorbent rolls and pads, you can contain, capture and clean industrial chemicals and waste on the spot.

Chem Klean absorbent rolls and pads are affordable and excellent for use in an automotive repair facility, warehouse, laboratory or many other locations. These products feature superior absorption for cleaning spills containing oil, hydraulic fluid, fuel and much more. With our quality rolls and pads on hand, employees can respond to spills fast, keeping the work area clean and safe.


Environmental Friendly Air Over the Mountains

Empty Drums and Cubic Yard Boxes

Whether you have a small amount of one chemical or a storage room full of liquid hazardous waste, our waste hauling equipment ensures they remain safe, sealed and protected from leaks. You can buy our DOT-approved, UN-rated empty drums in a range of sizes, perfect for storing unused hazardous materials and industrial waste while awaiting collection and disposal.

In addition to having DOT-approved drums for sale, we carry cubic yard boxes that provide a safe and economical solution for shipping and transporting any hazardous and non-hazardous waste, with space for storing up to four 55-gallon waste drums. These cubic yard boxes are rated X UN and meet the CFR-49 requirements for transportation.

Hazardous Waste Signage

If you store even the smallest amount of dangerous material, OSHA guidelines require appropriate signage alerting workers to the potential hazards they face. At Chem Klean, you can buy hazardous waste signage made for indoor or outdoor use. With our signs, you can identify storage and collection sites, list safe handling procedures, detail emergency steps, draw attention to hazards and much more.

The right hazardous waste signage creates a safer work environment, helping attract better talent and reducing expenses due to accidents and downtime. Our signs are suitable for use on vehicles, drums, containers, cabinets and practically anywhere you need them.

Additional Hazardous Waste Equipment

Chem Klean is your trusted provider for all the equipment necessary to work with and around hazardous materials and industrial waste. Whether you want to add extra protection to your facility or increase your operational efficiency, we can help. Speak to your rep about our additional industrial safety products for sale, including:

  • Flammable storage cabinets: If you store flammable or combustible liquids on the property, they must be secured in a flammable storage cabinet. A flammable storage cabinet safely encloses the chemicals and protects the facility from spreading flames in case of fire.
  • Industrial parts washers: We carry a large selection of industrial parts washers with varying capabilities available depending on your needs. Parts washers make an excellent addition to any repair facility, removing hazardous chemicals for containment and recycling. We also carry a range of solvents.

Committed to Providing Reliable and Professional Waste Removal

High-Quality Equipment for Safe Handling and Disposal of Hazardous Materials

Keep your facility safe and ensure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations with the right industrial waste removal and safety equipment. If you're not sure which items you need for your facility, we can help. Schedule a site assessment with one of our EHS consultants for professional guidance anywhere in the South Florida region.

At Chem Klean, we're a family-owned company with over 20 years of on-the-ground industry experience in the local area. Our environmental experts have the skills and resources to help your organization plan for a cleaner future. Request a free custom quote today, or call 305-863-7807 to speak to an expert and learn more about our wide range of environmental services.