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Comprehensive Waste Management Solutions for the Industrial Sector

Tailored Waste Management Services for Industrial Operations

When you need waste removal services for any type of business in the industrial sector, Chem Klean is your local partner for rapid response to your location anywhere in South Florida. Since 1999, we've provided firms of any size with advanced, reliable and cost-effective solutions for managing all types of hazardous, non-hazardous and contaminated waste.

We offer our customers tailored services, with options for service on-call or ongoing waste removal without any contracts to sign. Contact us today, and we'll be at your location within 24-48 hours, with all the necessary equipment to keep your facility clean, safe and compliant with federal, state and local agencies.

Ensuring Compliance and Sustainability in Industrial Waste Disposal

We stay current with all the rules governing the removal and transportation of any type of liquid or solid industrial waste. Our experts have the experience and training to handle all your hazardous and non-hazardous materials with the utmost care, ensuring your facility and the environment remained protected during the transfer process.

We specialize in safe industrial waste transportation and plan each step of the process to minimize risk to your facility, workers and the environment. We schedule removal around your operating hours to limit downtime and plan the safest routes to the appropriate facilities for eco-friendly disposal.


Site assessment at industrial facility.

Innovative Industrial Waste Services

When you partner with us, you gain access to a range of professional services from a local provider. At Chem Klean, we're more than your removal experts, with a variety of innovative services to help keep your facility clean, compliant and environmentally friendly. Our additional services include:

  • Oil management: We collect and transport waste oil in any volume, and will dispose of any used oil filters for you. 
  • Waste-to-energy disposal: Our waste-to-energy program separates industrial waste for use in producing local energy.
  • Waste recycling: Move toward greener operations with our recycling services, which include sorting any recyclables for processing. 
  • Emergency response: We offer 24/7 emergency spill response to keep you compliant in the face of the unexpected. 

Industrial Waste Consulting Services

Industrial waste management and regulatory compliance are our specialties, and we have the experience to help a broad range of businesses regardless of the products you create or services you provide. Depending on the services you need, our consultants can help create a safer work environment, reduce expenses and ensure your organization remains compliant. Our waste consulting services include:

  • Site assessments: We'll check each of your waste processes for safe and efficient collection. 
  • Site audits: Site audits include full record reviews, taking the necessary steps to ensure compliance. 
  • EHS consultations: Our EHS consultants offer training, guidance and assistance with environmental safety. 

Committed to Providing Reliable and Professional Waste Removal

Free Quotes for Cost-Effective Industrial Waste Services

Chem Klean is a leader in environmental services for the industrial sector, leveraging over 20 years of experience to deliver superior service and new solutions. From industrial chemical waste disposal to developing new methods for the efficient collection of your industrial byproducts, we'll handle all your waste management needs.

We're your local South Florida services provider, offering everything from products for the safe storage of hazardous materials to compliant removal, transportation and disposal. To learn more about the benefits of working with a family-owned company in your area, request a free quote or call 305-863-7807 today!